Why Exhibit

1. Tap Fast-growing Markets In Hong Kong & China

The ever-growing number of residential, office and commercial properties in Hong Kong and China is pushing up the total revenue generated in the property management sector which has reached nearly HK$80 billion in Hong Kong, and over a trillion in China respectively in 2020.

2. Capture Business Opportunities Brought By Government’s Policy Push For Service Upgrade and Professionalism

The Property Management Services Authority (PMSA) was established in 2016 with an aim to fully regulate the provision of property management services by companies and practitioners in Hong Kong. Through a licensing regime and other complementary measures, the PMSA has been encouraging the local property management sector and its practitioners to strive for enhancement in service quality and professionalism.

By being a part of the 4th edition of International Property Management & Procurement Expo, property managers, service providers and product suppliers can showcase their best service offers and innovative products that cater the market demand for more value-added services and professional operations.

3. Network with Industry Players Who Are Looking To Add Values To Properties

Many of Hong Kong’s buildings are ageing. There were approximately 30,000 buildings aged 50 years or above in 2017, and the number is going to multiply in the coming few years. It is expected that a total of about 326,000 private housing units will be aged 70 years or above by 2046. They are in need of repairs and upgrades so as to retain or enhance their values. For this reason, property managers today are all keen to look for ways and service solutions to modernise and upgrade their existing buildings with technological amenities like AI security systems, renewable energy supply and so on. Exhibiting at the Expo renders you a good chance to meet and connect with many of key players in the property management sector.